$300 Mystery Box of Madness

$300 Mystery Box of Madness

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Only EIGHT $300 boxes available!

Each box contains:

  • 1-2 CGC graded comic books (slabs)
  • 8-10 raw comics
  • Total value of each box is guaranteed to exceed the price!
  • All values are based off of eBay latest sold prices at the time of packing.


Why buy a Wrath of Comics Magical Mystery Box?

  • Amazing Deal! The mystery is in how much more the box is worth vs its price!
  • Awesome Variety! Each box will contain a good mix of Marvel, DC and/or independent books!

All boxes are packed and ready to ship! Boxes will ship immediately after each order is confirmed. No returns will be accepted.


    1. “What are some of the BIG books in your mystery boxes?” Answer: To make these TRUE mystery boxes, we are not revealing anything! You may receive 1-2 CGC graded books and 8-10 raw books along with some additional extras (the extras are in addition to the box value. The value will be strictly based on the comics). That’s all we can say!
    2. “Will there be any duplicates from one box to another?” Answer: While there may be some of the same exclusives found in different boxes, there will also be something unique in every single box. So overall, no two boxes will match contents exactly. But yes, they may share some of the same books.
    3. “If I do not like something in my mystery box, can I return or exchange it?” Answer: Sorry but, no. By purchasing a mystery box, you are agreeing to receive items without knowing what they are. In exchange, we are agreeing to provide you with quality items of a value that exceeds your purchase price.
    4. “Are there any silver age books or just modern?” Answer: This round of boxes are mainly modern with a few copper age thrown in.
    5. “Is there a TOP PRIZE?” Answer: Many boxes will include at least one comic that will boost its value well beyond the purchase price. But in order to keep these TRUE mystery boxes, we are not advertising the contents of any particular box.
    6. “I have 2,000+ followers on YouTube and I do unboxing videos. This mystery box better be good or I’ll complain live on YouTube and you’ll be finished!” Answer: Our first batch of mystery boxes was a great success! Check out the unboxing video below from Chu Chu Comics! This is our second batch of mystery boxes and I literally spent weeks working on these to ensure each one is something I would be happy with if I purchased one. Plus, we've upped the ante – we've stepped up our game! These boxes go well beyond their price in value! As a 30+ year collector with a shop that has a great reputation for providing excellent customer service, I’m not going to scam anyone or sell boxes full of overstock.
  1. I feel confident that people will be beyond satisfied with these mystery boxes!

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