Wrath of Comics proudly presents the subscription service for comic book lovers! Grow your collection each month with 10 carefully selected comics. You will receive a great selection of Marvel, DC and independent comic books directly to your door each month!

  • 10 thoughtfully selected Modern/Current comics, including recent releases!
  • Nice mix of Marvel, DC and independents!
  • Great value! Most modern comics have a cover price of at least $3.99. That's $40 for ten comic books at most local shops. You're only paying $29.95 (plus $8 shipping) and some of these will be worth more than cover price! Start saving today!
  • Instantly grow your collection each month!
  • Monthly chances of receiving a store exclusive or incentive!
  • At least one #1 (first issue) in each box, guaranteed!
  • No duplicates! As long as you keep your subscription active, we keep a list of the books we send you! This way, we can be sure not to send the same book twice!
  • Manage your subscription and cancel anytime through Paypal!
  • Premium packaging and shipping: All comics will be shipped bagged and boarded in a Gemini comic book mailer via Priority Mail.

$29.95 + $8 Priority Shipping in a Gemini Comic Box with Tracking!