Welcome to Wrath of Comics! You may have noticed there are no pre-sell items listed on our site. We may do that later. For now, we are only listing items that we currently have available, in stock and ready to ship. The reason – we want to be able to ship orders quickly and efficiently, while ensuring the best quality service. With all the recent Covid-19 delays, we feel more confident only accepting orders for items currently available until distributions return to being more stable.

So, instead of listing pre-sells, we made this page to give you a peak at what we have coming up! As you can see, we have a lot on the way! I know, it looks like Momoko Madness, doesn't it? Peach has been busy! This is just a sample of what we have on the way. There are MANY more to come!

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Venom #26 Peach Momoko
The Last Ronin #1 Peach Momoko
Thor #6 Peach Momoko
Sleeping Beauties #1 Peach Momoko Virgin Variant
No Heroine #2 Peach Momoko
Vampirella #12 Peach Momoko
Canto II: The Hollow Men #1 Peach Momoko
Dark Nights Death Metal Speed Metal #1 Peach Momoko
Horizon Zero Dawn #1 Peach Momoko
Spider-Man #46 Peach Momoko
Venom #27 Peach Momoko
Black Widow #1 Peach Momoko
The Last Ronin
TMNT - The Last Ronin
TMNT - The Last Ronin
TMNT - The Last Ronin
More Exclusives
Thor #6 Mercado Virgin Variant
Venom #26 Kael Ngu
Venom #27 Skan Homage
Canto II The Hollow Men #1
Coming in October
The Department of Truth